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Update your signs to LED technology...
You can't afford not to!

Posted: June 06, 2012

As with any business or organization, indoor and outdoor electrical advertising plays a vital roll in maintaining your public identity. Without signs, your clients will not easily find you and potential clients may never know you exist at all.

Traditional sign technology utilizes fragile fluorescent tubes and formed neon which can use up to 15,000 volts, last approximately 30,000 hours, dims or fades in cold weather and requires frequent costly maintenance and service calls.

Existing signs using traditional technology can easily be retrofitted with energy and cost saving static LED or the new dynamic RGB LED technologies. LED lighting glows brighter, cooler, does not dim in cold weather, reduces energy consumption by 75% and lasts over 3 times longer.

Now is the time to go green and save your "green" in the process !!


Cranes and Bucket Trucks...
More than just sign installation!

Posted: June 05, 2012

In the sign in display industry we have a constant need to reach high places or reach into awkward areas to perform maintenance and installations.


Ray Neon Signs has several vehicles at its disposal including a 35' bucket truck, a 40'  boom truck and an 85' crane that allow us to perform what normally would be nearly impossible tasks.


If you need to safely reach clogged eavestroughs, trim or prune a tall tree, install exterior holiday decorations and lights, lift large and heavy objects and so on.... Ray Neon Signs has the answer for you! Our buckets trucks and cranes (along with experienced operators) are available for hire on an hourly basis. Give us a call and book your rental today!



A Blank Canvas...
Let's create your masterpiece!

Posted: June 05, 2012

Whether it's as small as a name tag or as large as an electronic display at a professional sporting venue... it all begins as a blank canvas!

Watch as Ray Neon Signs brings your vision of your perfect sign to fruition with spectacular colour and light or a subdued yet sophisticated single colour non-illuminated sign.

Call today to speak to our highly experienced professional representatives. Our team will assist you through the design concepts and walk you step-by-step through the manufacturing and installation process.